#childsafety | Afghan Baby Given To US Soldier Reunited With Family

The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan back in August 2021 could generously be described as messy.

Images of countless families fleeing from the Taliban dominated the media for months but out of the hundreds of horror stories from Kabul Airport of people clinging to U.S. aircraft to bombings, one stands out.

An image of a family passing their baby to U.S. military in the hopes of securing his safety captured the gravity of the situation in Kabul.

But the image was only the first scene in a long, complex story of a taxi cab driver who, in the wake of the disastrous evacuation found a lone, crying baby boy that had seemingly been left behind.

The baby who was passed to a U.S. soldier has finally been reunited with his family.

Sohail Ahmadi was two months old at the time of the evacuation and his family was one of many that were desperate to get into the airport and to escape the country on one of the last flights out of Afghanistan.

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After 20 years of fighting and Western military presence in the region, the United States was abandoning its last few positions and leaving the country to its own devices.

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