#childsafety | Amarillo libraries are bringing back evening and Sunday hours

We’re starting to get back to “normal” and I say that for whatever that’s worth because no one seems to know that means any more. With Amarillo going down to level yellow in its Covid 19 response we are starting to see more and more things open back up. last week the Amarillo Zoo started returning to a more active event schedule. By the way you should check out their latest addition.

It turns out the Amarillo Library is starting to open up a little more too. Starting Monday they are returning to their regular hours which also include opening on Sunday as well. Now if you’re one who’s still a little nervous about going out into public spaces, the library has totally got your back, they will continue to offer curbside services Monday through Saturday.

I for one am exited about this. There’s nothing like getting into a good book and rather than spend tons of money on books and building a library that I don’t have space for it’s so much easier to simply check out something from the library. My boys are fans too because it gives them something different to look forward to when it’s time to read bedtime stories. and who doesn’t love a good story before slipping off into dream land?

There’s more too, for those who may not have the best internet at home the Library offers great resources for those in need and the staff there are more than glad to help you out. Believe it or not the library is also a great place to catch up on some books that might not be around schools anymore. There’s just something fun about the “Banned Books” section that brings up nostalgia from the 9th grade book report you stayed up all night writing.

It’s more than just the books, another move they’re making is allowing non profits to make reservations for library meeting rooms. The policies in place allow for restricted capacity with time between groups to make sure the staff has time to properly disinfect the meeting space before the next group comes in. At the moment they are only making the space available for registered non profits.

Amarillo Library Services Director Amada Barrera going on the record stating:

“Many of our patrons are eager for a return to in-person events, and so are we. In the past, we have rarely had to restrict program attendance, but maintaining appropriate safety measures may require that as we go forward.”

There is also consideration for summer events like Amarillo Reads in the works but for the moment they will continue most of these via social media, take-home kits and virtual story times.

For those who are interested, you may reach out to the Library and get the latest on the updated hours and policies by visiting the Amarillo Library website.

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