#childsafety | An easy five step guide to keep youngsters safe in Lancashire’s play areas

In the swing five-step play safe guidance for Ribble Valleys reopened play areas.
Issued by Ribble Valley Borough Council, the five step safety advice will help to keep youngsters say as they enjoy reopened play area

To stop the spread of coronavirus at Ribble Valley Borough Council’s 18 play areas, you are asked to keep your hands clean, take turns, use the playground clockwise, wipe the surfaces of equipment after use and socially distance from others.

Some swings have been tied up to help with social distancing and you are asked not to eat or drink in play areas, and take your litter, including disposable face masks and gloves, home.

Stuart Carefoot, chairman of the council’s community committee, said: “It’s fantastic that we are able to open our play areas again and I would like to thank local families for being so patient during lockdown.

“Please have a wonderful time in our play areas and ensure you stay safe by following our five easy steps.”

Five steps to playground fun:

Protect – wash your hands regularly, cough or sneeze into your sleeve or a tissue, throw your tissues in a bin and wear a mask if necessary

Take turns – play on equipment that is not in use or wait your turn

Hygiene – wipe your child’s hands and equipment after use

Flow – use equipment in a clockwise direction,

Social distancing – keep at least one metre apart from other people

Ribble Valley Borough Council has 18 play areas across the borough, including several in Clitheroe and Longridge, and signage outlining the new guidance is available at each.

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