#childsafety | Anti-Maskers Out Trans Child Of Hastings School Board Chair

When Chris and Kelsey Waits moved to Hastings, Minnesota, they were excited to be a part of their community and saw it as the perfect place for their family.

Now, however, they feel like their community has betrayed them.

In the midst of tense local school board elections some members of the community chose to weaponize the Waits’ personal lives, out their trans daughter and harass the couple for their parenting choices.

Anti-maskers pushed Waits off a Hastings school board and outed her trans daughter.

Kelsey Waits, the chair of the local school board, was the target of vitriol when the pandemic hit and mask mandates were introduced in schools. 

According to her interview with CNN, Kelsey Waits said, “I probably got about the same number of emails from parents saying, ‘My child is not going to school if masks are required’ as ‘My child is not going to school if masks aren’t required.’”

Already, she was in a stressful situation, with all sides telling her how the schools should run, but it was her worst nightmare come to life when those criticizing her online went way more personal.

Kelsey and Chris Waits have two daughters, though some in Hastings have taken it upon themselves to disagree.

This is because the Waits’ youngest daughter, Kit, was assigned male at birth, before realizing that she didn’t feel like a boy.

At only four years old, Kit knew that she wanted to be called a girl, and asked her mother to call her Kit, the same name as her favorite American Girl doll.

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