#childsafety | Ava and Nikolas Are At Odds, Maxie Works On Her Plan

The latest General Hospital spoilers for the week of April 26-30 reveal that the upcoming week will be full of very interesting storylines. Starting off will be Ava and Nikolas, who might again not be on the same page. Then there will is Anna, who will need Maxie’s help.

Speaking of Maxie, she will nail down the plan of what she wants to do next. Moving ahead in the week will be Alexis will get a new job. Rounding off the week of April 26-30 will Nina as she tries to handle a situation. What is happening there? Keep reading to find out-

Ava And Nikolas

General Hospital spoilers reveal that things will get a little troubling for Ava and Nikolas in the upcoming days. While Ava is on Nikolas’s side when it comes to his decision to work with Cyrus, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Ava might soon have a change of heart and decide that she cannot support him anymore. Now that Cyrus has Nik exactly where he wants him, Ava might be terrified for her husband’s safety.

General Hospital: Anna Needs Maxie’s Help

More spoilers suggest that Anna Devane will make a confession to Maxie Jones. Although Anna might tell her about the poisoning details, she will tell that the situation is serious. Maxie will also get updates about Peter tightening his grip on Anna, and now she will need her help to handle Peter. Maxie will agree to the initial visit that Peter had demanded. However, more spoilers suggest that what Peter really wants is a spot in the delivery room. How will Maxie be able to grant that request when she is planning to fake Baby Lou’s death?

It is possible that the baby might get whisked away under the guise of a medical issue after she is born. But that would still go against Maxie’s fake stillbirth plan, and that will make it less likely that Peter would believe her. Maxie will have to be very careful when she considers what she really wants to do in order to keep her child safe.

What Will Maxie Do?

Of course, there are some other parts of Maxie’s plan that she still needs to work on. After Brook Lynn comes to know about the plan Maxie is working on, she will think that they might be able to help each other. Brook might take away Maxie’s little one, and in return, she would promise to take care of the baby and keep her safe from Peter.

General Hospital

Maxie will have to give this plan a very serious thought. It looks like there is a deal cooking up there indeed. More Peter-related spoilers suggest that Valentin Cassadine will do some eavesdropping, and he will find out some valuable information. We will see if that leads to Valentin getting the upper hand on Peter.

General Hospital: Harrison and Willow

In the meantime, Harrison will fall more in love with Willow Tait. Chase will be hopeful that his future is bright with Willow. However, as for Willow, she will battle guilt over setting him up for disappointment. She intends to dump him when all the medical crisis he is in is over. She will hate dragging the man into all of it and making it unbearable for him in the given situation. So, she will feel really confused about what she should do. More related spoilers suggest that Michael will assure Willow that she will do the right thing by telling Chase the truth, even if she does not feels that right now.

Alexis’s New Job

At Pentonville, Alexis will get a new job, and this one will come full of surprises. General Hospital viewers will get to see some intriguing discoveries along the way. Spoilers suggest that Alexis might end up giving Shawn some legal advice. So, he might add this to the list of his problems.

Shawn will now be caught up in Carly’s plan to help Jason out of the slammer. So, there is a lot of risks involved for everyone there. Jason’s escape plan is now in motion, but he will get a visit from Danny Morgan first. Sam McCall will set up this meeting, and this meeting will end up with Jason telling his son that everything will be okay.

General Hospital

General Hospital: Cameron Meets Jason

Cameron Webber will also visit Jason and confront him about the Franco Baldwin murder case. However, spoilers suggest that Jason will look him in the eye and deny the charges. Would that change anything for him? Jason might even explain how he thinks that Peter is behind all of it. He will hope that Cameron understands all of it.

General Hospital

Josslyn’s World

On the other end of the town will be Josslyn Jacks, who will deceive Portia Robinson. Will Joss lie to her for Trina Robinson’s sake, or will this be about the ankle injury? There is a potential for a pain medication problem in the circumstances. So, we will have to wait to see how things go from here.

General Hospital: Nina Tries To Convince Jax

As for Nina Reeves, she will try to convince Jax that he is mistaken. After Jax lands in the hospital after getting shot, he will be adamant that he had seen Sonny before he was rushed to the hospital. Spoilers suggest that Nina will insist that what Jax is saying is not possible. She will even try and do everything she can to make sure that he and Sonny never cross paths again.

General Hospital Spoilers

Spoilers suggest that Jax will decide that Nina is right and that it would be impossible for him to see a dead person walking around. Later on, Nina will meet “Mike,” and she might kiss him. They were about to do that back at the firehouse dance, so she might complete that now.

General Hospital viewers have a hint of how Nina is becoming desperate to preserve the new life she has built at the Nixon Falls. This is a life that involves romance and a future with Sonny. So, what would she do now? We will have to wait and watch. General Hospital is bringing in some very interesting storylines, so make sure you tune in and enjoy.

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