#childsafety | Brooklyn College dean gives internet safety tips for remote learning

A college dean is giving tips on how to be safe while learning remotely after an incident at a Brooklyn school.

It was the first day of remote learning for students at I.S. 259 in Dyker Heights when parent Devon Morales says an unknown person took control of the session and displayed pornographic images for her daughter and other classmates to see.

Morales says the disturbing incident left her outraged. “Upset for all the students that had to bear witness to that. She’s 10 years old so what happened afterwards was that mommy and her had to have a really uncomfortable conversation,” said Morales.

Brooklyn College School of Business Dean Qing Hu says he wants to help parents avoid incidents like this by practicing internet safety.

“This is one of the biggest challenges we’re all facing in this COVID environment. It is the responsibility of the school, and the teachers, and the parents to all work together, have proper security training,” said Hu.

Hu says parents should beware of a popular hacking tactic called phishing, which is when someone uses an email to disguise themself as a trustworthy person or company to get your sensitive information.

To prevent hacking, he says to look out for emails with a different domain name than the company’s name. He also suggests using strong passwords with a combination of letters and numbers.

“The hacker knows which site you logged in, what’s your username, what’s your password, and if they want to attack you or your organization it becomes very easy,” said Hu.

The Department of Education says that there are strict security settings to prevent outside parties from entering approved platforms and that the incident is being investigated.

City Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza added that someone internally is responsible for the incident.

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