#childsafety | Buying A Booster Seat For An Older Child Tips

As our children get older, there are certain things about parenting that change. Parents have to adapt their parenting style, and the items they have in their homes. They watch their toddler grow out of Cocomelon and rainbow toys, and look more to video games and tablets. They have to make sure they are buying them new clothes as they age, and other essentials.

Riding in a car is an essential thing for a lot of families, and this means that they have to make sure their children are safe. When they are young, they are typically in a 5-point car seat, but as they get older, this changes as well.

Older children will move to a booster seat in the car, and since their safety is still the priority for moms, they have to make sure that they are buying a booster seat that is going to keep their child safe whenever they are in the car.

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While there may seem to be a million different choices online, there are some things that moms should keep in mind. The internet can be a great place to go for information and ideas, but it can be overwhelming. That is why we have found the top things that moms should look out for when buying their older child their new booster seat.

Don’t Rush It

Your child may be in a hurry to grow up, but that doesn’t mean you have to rush the switch. If you are thinking of making the switch because of how old your child is, or because all your mom friends have switched their kids, this may not be the best.

According to Parenting, this is not something you want to rush, and you always want to go by their size, and not their age. If they are still within the weight and height limits for a 5-point harness seat, they should stay in there. That is the safest for them.

High-Back Boosters Are Best

There are two main types of booster seats on the market, and that is a high-back booster and a backless booster. According to The Car Seat Lady, mom should always go with the high-back booster when possible. A high back booster is going to give your child more support and make sure they stay in position when they are in the car. This will also help children who still tend to fall asleep in the car, and it will keep them in an upright position.

Placement In The Car

With so many cars on the market, it is important to keep in mind where you can, and cannot, place a booster seat in the car. This can help mom organize the car seats, and make sure that everyone is safe, especially if she has more than one child.

According to Healthy Children, booster seats use both the shoulder and lap seat belts. This means that they cannot be placed in a middle seat that only has the lap belt. It is always important to read all the instructions properly to ensure it is being placed safely.

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