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Whether you’re a parent or the friend of a young trick-or-treater, if you’ll be chaperoning any young children on Halloween, it’s important to keep them safe. We’ve already mentioned safe driving tips for this holiday. And we’ve also shared suggestions to help keep trick-or-treaters protected while they celebrate on this night. Now, we’d like to take a moment to focus on how to reduce costume-related hazards when transporting little ones, so they can have a fun and safe night.

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Beware the bulk

Though puffy costumes are a popular choice for many kids when deciding what to be on Halloween, this isn’t the safest garb if they still use a car seat. Young ones should avoid wearing a bulky costume underneath a car-seat harness because this adds space between them and the restraint in the event of a crash. This means that if an accident were to happen, there will be more room for the child to move during the collision, which increases their risk for injuries.

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Plan ahead

If your child absolutely has to have a puffy costume this Halloween, there is a safe way to have them wear it while enhancing their protection in the car. Simply plan to arrive a bit early at whatever location his or her group of friends will start trick-or-treating from. That way, they can change into the puffy costume once you arrive at this destination. Then, have them change out of the costume at the night’s end before you pack up the family and head home.

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