#childsafety | Chennai children turn ‘Super Kid Cop’ to improve traffic discipline of motorists

How about imparting good road discipline through school children? In novel way to improve the traffic discipline on Chennai roads, the city police have tried to rope in school children who they think would make a big difference in giving tips to the drivers, be it their parents or others, on the need to obey traffic rules.

The Greater Chennai Police have launched ‘Super Kid Cop’, for the children from classes UKG to Class VII to monitor the driving patterns of the motorists and also act as a gatekeeper giving advice to their parents and others on the need to adhere to traffic rules. The students will monitor the driving of their parents, autorickshaw and van drivers.

While launching the programme, Chennai Police Commissioner Shankar Jiwal Tuesday said a ‘Super Kid Cop Card’ will be provided to the students. The card will be like a report card with basic rules and regulations of road safety and traffic. Around one lakh cards which will have the details in both Tamil and English will be distributed.

“It has 12 rides against the rules, and the child is supposed to mark a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to signify if the rule is followed by their driver or not,” an official statement by the Chennai police said.

The children will carry the card with them when they go out. The filled cards will be collected after 15 days by the volunteers of the NGO.

“Once the cards are filled, children are awarded certificates for the service and the engagement with the department in the learning exercise and the data is analysed through Artificial Intelligence and relevant algorithms to assess if the compliance of the driver has improved over the 12 rides,” the release said.

The Chennai Police also launched its annual drive called ‘The Road Safety Patrol (RSP) Cadets’ for 2022-23 was launched by City Commissioner of Police Shankar Jiwal Tuesday in the presence of senior police officers. The Chennai police noted that about 15,000 students of Class VII-XII from as many as 250 schools in the city were enrolled as RSP cadets and the Tamil Nadu Police Traffic Wardens Organisation (TPTWO) is planning to increase the strength. The students are being imparted training by traffic wardens on various nuances of road safety and its practice.

The initiative is a learning and awareness programme ideated and developed by Youth India (Yi) under its Road Safety vertical in association with Chennai City Police department.


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