#childsafety | Child protection services move Ashley’s child and mother to another location after ABC reports

Days after the ABC reported on the story of Ashley*, who says two of her children were abused by their step-grandfather, child safety officials have finally taken a step to intervene, moving another child and Ashley’s mother to another location.

Warning: This article contains content that some readers may find distressing.

Tasmanian child safety officials held a meeting yesterday after the ABC’s story was published and said a new case worker would be assigned to Ashley’s child.

But this morning, Ashley said staff told her she would not get a new case worker because “they’re at capacity and don’t have staff”.

Then, this afternoon, she was told her child and her mother had been moved to another location while the department worked through the situation.

Ashley has previously told of how child safety in Tasmania advised her to sign over her parental rights more than a decade ago when she awoke from a coma and struggled to look after herself. She had also previously struggled with mental health issues triggered by an abusive relationship.

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