#childsafety | Children at Exning Primary School isolated after virus test returns positive result

A class at Exning Primary School has been told to isolate at home after a pupil tested positive for coronavirus.

Last week, the Oxford Street school had a confirmed case of the virus, forcing it to send home pupils and staff in one of its ‘protective bubbles’ to stop the spread of the bug.

Under government guidelines, schools are now split into ‘protective bubbles’ formed of up to 15 students, with pupils stopped from interacting with those outside.

A ‘protective bubble’ from Exning Primary School are in self-isolation after a pupil tested positive for coronavirus.. Picture: Mark Westley

James Clark, the school’s headteacher, said staff were following government guidelines.

“We had a confirmed case of a child last week. When we found out we then followed our risk assessment which is based on government guidelines, taking into account advice from the local authority, which meant we shut one of our bubbles down,” said Mr Clark.

Exning Primary School is rated 'outstanding' by Ofsted. Picture: Mark Westley
Exning Primary School is rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. Picture: Mark Westley

He said as soon as the school knew, the bubble was shut down and as part of the procedures Public Health England was contacted which then started its track and trace programme.

Concerns have been raised about children’s safety at the school, including in one anonymous letter to the Journal.

“We have contacted parents immediately, not only the bubble parents but we also contacted all the parents at the school to explain the situation,” said Mr Clark.

“We have already sent out lots of information on our risk assessment processes and procedures before we opened on June 1 so parents would know what would happen if there was a confirmed case.”

A parent at the school, who asked not to be named, praised the response and said: “The school have dealt with it very well and parents had been fully informed about the issue and how it was being dealt with.”

Pupils from the affected bubble are expected to return on July 1, two weeks after the confirmed case.

There are eight bubbles at the school, a reception class, Year 1 and Year 6. There are also bubbles for the children of key workers.

The school remains open and the affected bubble’s classroom the communal areas accessed had been deep cleaned.

On Tuesday, Boris Johnson, the prime minister, said primary and secondary schools would return in full in September.

Mr Johnson told the House of Commons if pupils are allowed to go to school they should because ‘it is safe’.

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