#childsafety | Covid-19: GNR starts its operation to educate schools and students on their return to school

GNR announced today that it will conduct, from Monday, awareness actions in national schools to convey safety advice and clarifications on risk behaviors for the spread of covid-19.

The actions of the operation “Back to school 2020” will be carried out on Monday and until September 25, among the some five thousand schools that are part of the zone of action of Guarda and are aimed at teachers, pupils and tutors.

Among the topics addressed by GNR are the dissemination of the Safe School program, safety in the street and at home and road safety, “since the flow of traffic increases due to the transport of students to school, being important warn drivers about the use of seat belts and child restraints ”.

“Patrol actions will also be carried out in order to comply with the rules intended to prevent the spread of covid-19”, specifies the GNR, in a press release.

Among the main advice it will give to young people, GNR insists on the fact that they should go to school, whenever possible, accompanied, avoiding going through isolated places or in low light.

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It is also advisable to memorize the number of the local GNR station in the abbreviated numbers of the cell phone and, when leaving, wait for a family member or a friend inside the school.

On the Internet, authorities advise children and young people to choose the content they post wisely, not to leave passwords accessible to third parties, and to seek help in case they feel threatened.

GNR advises parents to monitor children’s school development and routines and to approach authorities whenever they “know or suspect that their child or colleagues are being threatened, assaulted or harmed. another type of crime ”.

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