#childsafety | D65 Board Candidates Give Views on Reopening Schools, Structural Deficit and More

By Larry and Mary Gavin

National notoriety about whether District 65 respects parents, limiting acceleration and eliminating geometry in its math program, challenges in reopening schools,  and the persistent problem of a structural deficit – a recent forum for District 65 School Board candidates touched on these and more.

An audience of 175 attended the March 17 virtual forum hosted by Central Street Neighbors Association and attended by all eight candidates: Angela Blaising, Joey Hailpern, Soo La Kim, Elisabeth “Biz” Lindsay-Ryan, Ndona Muboyayi, Donna Wang Su, Katie Voorhees, and Marquise Weatherspoon. Mr. Hailpern is seeking re-election. Ms. Lindsay-Ryan and Ms. Kim, appointed to the Board in 2019 and 2020, respectively, are seeking to retain their seats on the board.

Central Street Neighbors Association President Jeff Smith pressed all eight candidates to give their views on a story in the Atlantic titled “What Happens When a Slogan Becomes the Curriculum” by Conor Friedersdorf. He wrote, “A curriculum inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement is spreading, raising questions about the line between education and indoctrination.”

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