#childsafety | DA not impressed with Tshwane’s By-Law Enforcement Centre

By Liam Ngobeni Jun 24, 2020

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Pretoria – City of Tshwane administrator Lebogang Mahaye said they had at all costs avoided being dragged into political street fights since assuming office.
According to Mahaye, this would not yield any fruit and would divert attention from the serious issues plaguing the City and the residents of Tshwane.

“I will therefore not respond to attacks by the DA, which we’ve noticed have now intensified.”

Mahaye was responding to the DA’s statement that more sustainable solutions were needed to deal with issues plaguing Tshwane, such as illegal electricity connections and illegal land and building invasions.

DA provincial spokesperson for community safety Michael Shackleton said not enough was being done to address these issues.

He said they were disappointed to learn that Mahaye was offering residents the standard Tshwane Metro Police Department number to report illegal land and building invasion and illegal electricity connections, masquerading as a so-called “by-law enforcement centre” that has been “specifically created to assist the residents of Tshwane”.

The City recently announced a By-Law Enforcement Centre to report illegal land and building invasions, as well as illegal electricity connections.

Shackleton said: “The centre, which is supposedly the brainchild of the team of administrators, is not a new solution that has been established.”

Shackleton argued that offering residents numbers to use to report such issues was not a viable solution because, within 15 minutes after the illegal electricity connections have been disconnected, they are illegally connected again.

“We therefore call for a specialised unit to be established to tackle the plague of illegal connections in Tshwane,” said Shackleton.

“Furthermore, this metro police number is always inundated with calls and it will be difficult for the residents to get through to report their complaints.

“It is high time that the Tshwane administrator considered tamper-free electricity boxes as a permanent solution to curb illegal electricity connections.”

But Mahaye said she was sure the solutions offered by the DA were implemented during the party’s tenure. “Our doors are always open to discuss whatever solutions they think can assist the City with this chronic problem,” she said.

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