#childsafety | Dangerous so-called abortion reversal treatment offered to women ‘by anti-abortion groups in UK’

Dangerous so-called abortion reversal treatment is being offered to women by anti-abortion groups in the UK, healthcare professionals have said.

The warning comes after an undercover investigation conducted by Open Democracy revealed advocates of abortion pill reversal treatment claimed at least 60 women in Britain requested it in the first half of last year.

A journalist at the publication was linked up with a local doctor after ringing a 24-hour hotline overseen by a US group named Heartbeat International and promoted in Britain by the Society for Protection of Unborn Children.

The reporter was then sent a “consent form” via email explaining abortion pill reversal is an “off-label use of progesterone” and she should “seek emergency medical care immediately” if she were to feel pain.

According to the publication, the doctor appears to work at an NHS hospital and said she supports abortion pill reversal in her spare time – saying “we’ve done about 100 [treatments] now” in Britain.

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