#childsafety | Experts remind parents of safety tips ahead of summer

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Children are getting ready to say goodbye to school and hello to summer. But, child safety expert Penny Shaw said summer can be a dangerous time.

“It’s the 100 deadliest days of the year,” said Penny Shaw, the coordinator of Safe Kids of the Piedmont.

Shaw said drownings happen more often in the summer and urged parents not to let children out of their sight.

“If you have a swimming pool, you have to make sure someone is watching the children at all times and knows where their children are at all times, whether they are in or around the pool,” she explained.

Drownings can happen quickly. Firefighters told 7NEWS that water does not have to be too deep for a drowning to occur.

“A child can actually drown in less than two feet of water,” said Paul Bradley, a firefighter, and paramedic. “If they can’t swim and are going to be around water, make sure they have a flotation device, If they can’t swim at all, make sure you keep them a certain distance from the water.”

Bradley said there are also hazards inside houses, especially in kitchens.

“Typically in school-aged kids, when they’re at home cooking, make sure they’re not unattended,” he said. “That can lead to small kitchen fires if they don’t know what they’re doing.”

As the weather warms up, cars can be dangerous places for anyone left unattended.

“With heat rising, cars become hotter,” said Shaw. “Each minute that a child is left in a car, there are more and more injuries in relation to heatstroke.”

“In any life-threatening situation, immediately call 9-1-1,” added Bradley.

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