#childsafety | Fire safety tips every child must know

It is right up there on every parent’s list of worst fears for their child – fire. Teach your children from a young age what to do to prevent a fire, how to act if they are near one and what to do if they get into contact with the flames with these tips from Melcura:

  1. Preventing a fire:
  • Avoid smoking​ indoors.
  • Do not leave food cooking on the stove unattended.
  • Make sure to switch off the oven or stove when you are done cooking.
  • Lock up flammable liquids in the home. It is best to store them outside the home, out of children’s reach, and away from heat or ignition sources.
  1. What to do if the house is on fire:
  • Teach your children to crawl to the exits if there’s smoke in the room, as they will avoid inhaling the smoke if they stay below it.
  • Purchase a safety ladder if your home has a second story and teach your children how to use it. If you live in a high-rise building, teach your children the locations of all exits and make sure they understand never to use the elevator in a fire. It can become trapped between floors or open on a floor where the fire is burning.
  • Agree on a family meeting point outside the house or apartment so you can make certain everyone has gotten out of the burning area.
  1. How to react if your clothes are on fire:

If your child comes into contact with the flames and their clothes catch on fire, teach them to stop, drop, and roll! Cool and call:

  • Stop, do not run.
  • Drop to the ground right where you are.
  • Roll over and over to put out the flames while covering your face with your hands.   
  • Cool the burned area with water.
  • Call for help immediately.

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