#childsafety | Florida Lifts Pandemic Restrictions, Disney World Responds

im sorry, but your comment makes no sense. if he lifts the restrictions… they wouldnt have the fear of over half the things you listed them being fearful of. in fact, from face value, them not following Desantis’ guidelines is subjecting them to more discrimination, more fear of being attacked, more fear of being “cancelled”.. also, wouldnt anybody be fearful of being sick and/or dying?

andd yes, of course they wwould love to recoup their financial loss, any business would. but a place that is dependent on attendance… a second shut down or even more strenuous restrictions would be even worse for them financially.
and dont worry, something like this wouldn’t put disney out of business. they have so many different streams of income, some of which have skyrocketed in popularity during this pandemic, this park alone wouldnt be the nail in the coffin.

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