#childsafety | Forza Wealth Management tops $100M in assets under management

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Forza Wealth Management founder Michael DeMassa (left) and CIO/Principal Timothy Videnka
Forza Wealth Management, a Sarasota-based Registered Investment Adviser, surpassed $100 million in assets under management and, as a result, transitioned the firm’s registration with the State of Florida to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), effective September 4, 2020.

“This is a major milestone for our company and we appreciate all of our clients who entrust us with managing their life savings,” said Michael DeMassa, who founded Forza in 2015.

The majority of Forza’s growth has come from client referrals and other professionals in the local area. Forza’s client-to-advisor ratio is currently 30:1, which allows for more growth in the future but is purposefully kept at a measured pace to maintain superior client service levels.

“From our experiences at prior firms, we know that 150 clients for one advisor is just too many to provide the level of service and attention required for high net worth clients,” DeMassa noted. “While we embrace best-in-class technology to automate certain administrative tasks, we are committed to building client relationships one at a time.”

Forza’s customized approach to building client portfolios sets them apart from other financial firms with predetermined asset allocation models. “When clients understand what they own and why, there is a sense of comfort despite market swings,” said Timothy Videnka, CIO and Principal. “We start with the client’s goals and build the investment portfolio to specifically meet those objectives.”

Videnka noted that, because clients work directly with the portfolio manager, there is more flexibility with regard to income tax management across a client household.

As a fee-only adviser, Forza does not receive any commissions and its only source of revenue is from the advice provided to their clients. They are held to the Fiduciary Standard and do not have any revenue sharing arrangements with outside firms, such as mutual funds or ETFs. This significantly reduces the potential for conflicts of interest when providing investment recommendations.

A complimentary investment review, which is offered for potential clients interested in Forza’s independent wealth management approach, can be booked online at forzawealth.com or by calling 941-203-3748.

About Forza Wealth Management
Forza, founded in 2015 and located in the enclave of Snug Harbor Village, is an independent, fee-only adviser, focusing on clients with over $1 million in investable assets. Forza works together with the client’s attorney, CPA and other professionals for an integrated wealth management approach. Call 941-203-3748 or visit forzawealth.com.

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