#childsafety | Hawaii State Department of Health Provides Tips on How Newborns Should Sleep Safely

Honolulu (KHON2) – Hawaii State Department of Health is encouraging parents to keep their children safe with tips on how to properly put infants to sleep.

Parents of infant children are not alone when it comes to the safety of their children. The Hawaii State Department of Health has launched a campaign that supports parents when it comes to putting their children to sleep.

“Our campaign is all about educating parents and caregivers on how to keep their infants safe while sleeping. We guide parents on what to do when putting their babies down for a nap, and how to prevent serious injuries from occurring,” says Sage Goto, Hawaii State Department of Health, Maternal and Child Health Branch.

This statewide campaign leads with a guide entitled, “The A,B,C’s.” Three need to know tips parents are encouraged to follow.

Goto says, “This acronym is an easy way for guardians to remember what to look out for when laying their children down to sleep. A stands for ‘Alone,’ guardians want to make sure the crib is empty, meaning no toys, blankets or pillows. B stands for ‘Backs.’ It’s important to always position your baby on their back. C stands for ‘Crib.’ Having a crib is probably the most safest and foundational amenity to have when laying infants to sleep.”

Those wanting to learn more tips on safe sleeping for infants can do so via the Parent Line, an online resource for parents and guardians. As well as more health information via the official website of the Hawaii State Department of Health.







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