#childsafety | Here’s How Ali Landry Built Her $6 Million Net Worth

Ali Landry has come a long way from those Doritos commercials and two-week marriages.

What happened to Ali Landry is a popular question on many people’s minds. With a net worth of $6 million and a Miss USA crown on her mantle, Ali Landry was the talk of the town up until the early 2000s.

Based on the numbers, she should be a superstar by now. That’s not how things shook out, though, as unfortunate as that is. Between tearing up on a talk show when discussing Kim Kardashian’s robbery, to advocating for child safety, Ali Landry proves that empathy wins, always. People know her name still because of how genuine and caring she is. Far surpassing the scandal of her first husband, Mario Lopez (who has his own sordid tale), Ali Landry has, again and again, found herself affecting positive change in the world. But after the early stardom (and all it’s terrible tales) Landry’s lived through, it makes sense that she’s stepped back and embraced the quieter life, focusing on family, and putting her efforts into safety and well-being. But if her media heyday was so long ago, how is she still keeping up with that high net worth? The answer might surprise you!

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She Gained Much Quickly

Ali Landry’s high net worth came about rather quickly in her early life. After being crowned Miss USA she quickly bridged into commercial work, becoming the much-adored Doritos Girl, a vastly regarded highlight of the 1998 Super Bowl commercials. Skeptical that one commercial could make her that much money? You don’t know about film and tv, then. The commercial played for ages, which definitely gained her some massive post-buyout royalties. Not to mention how she was likely paid out a ginormous sum (seriously, there’s no other word for it) for a relatively short shoot which played for 15 to 30 seconds. Anyone would be jaw-dropped at that alone. Then, add on the fact that it was played during one of the biggest TV events of the year. That’s a recipe for high net worth. Did we mention that her Doritos commercials played in three subsequent Super Bowls as well? Cha-ching!

ali landry looking fabulous in red

Her work didn’t just stop in the commercial realm either. In fact, she quickly shifted out of that position in the media world. Instead of playing between television show segments, she started playing on the shows themselves! “She has appeared in a number of television shows, including Clueless, Sunset Beach, The Bold and the Beautiful, Two Guys and a Girl, Felicity, Inside Schwartz, and Criminal Minds … [and] has also been a contestant on the reality television show, Fear Factor.” Having a recurring character on a TV series is an excellent way to boost net worth, and there’s no better testament to an actor’s acting ability than being cast in multiple series. This no doubt gained her quite a chunk of change, even if she’s not too active in the acting world anymore.

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She’s A Business Woman

Not just any businesswoman, she’s also a strong advocate for children. This woman is not only a Car Seat Technician, but she’s also been inventing great business opportunities for herself as well. One of her big endeavors lately has been “an app called Favored.by, a resource for moms and expecting moms to browse the best baby products on the market, read reviews, and ‘favor’ their own personal picks.” Apparently, it started because of her own experiences in pregnancy, which makes total sense to us. Having been around many pregnant women who already have kids, the old saying is true: there’s just no time! Research can only happen when there’s the time for it, and when new moms are trying to wade through the ocean of articles and advice out there, it makes sense that they often give up. Favored.by is a smart app with a huge market, and it’s no doubt made Ali Landry a large chunk of her $6 million.

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Now married with three gorgeous kids, Ali Landry has come a long way from those Doritos commercials and two-week marriages. Overcoming a very public marriage breakdown only made her stronger, and lead her into the life she has now. Letting her acting work speak for itself, it’s no surprise that this woman is incredible. Talented and very intelligent, her Miss USA crown was the launchpad for her to truly take over the world. Not literally, although, we wouldn’t be averse to it. Anyone with her levels of empathy deserves to be at least consulting on big world-changing decisions. Maybe that’s why she was drawn to child safety advocacy. Her support of kids and new moms is clear, and she even found a way to monetize it. A diverse resume and portfolio of skills is one of the biggest and best ways we can think to ensure your net worth doesn’t drop. Ali Landry has grown and sustained $6 million over time, proof that she knows exactly what she’s doing.

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