#childsafety | How to support your child through reopening

How can I help my child to feel safe making the transition back to old routines?

Helping your child transition to going back to school, and you going back to work, may be a process which takes time and planning. To make the separation less difficult for your child, try some of these tips:

Listen to your child

Take their worries seriously and talk to them about their concerns. With younger children, you could try play-acting what the return will look like or asking them to draw a picture of the steps involved, including one of you returning to collect them.

Help them prepare

Learn the new rules of returning to school and go over them with your little one. Ask your child how they feel about going back to school and make sure you inform their teacher if they have any significant concerns.

Keep calm

Remember that children pick up on adults’ behavioural cues. To help your child stay relaxed and feel safe, modeling calm behaviour yourself is important. 

Have a leaving plan

To keep goodbyes from becoming difficult for older children, try the following:

  • Make goodbyes positive.
  • Announce that you’re leaving.
  • Make your explanation for leaving clear and short.
  • Remind your child that you will be back for them.
  • Do not hesitate when leaving.
  • Do not return until the planned time.
  • Follow the same routine every time you leave or drop off your child.

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