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Safety has always been a major factor when buying a car. A car has to be safe for adult occupancy as well as child occupancy. Many manufacturers are known to provide a slew of safety for children. Modern cars get ISOFIX anchors, child door locks, window locks, and rear seat belt reminders that enhance child safety, however, there are many more things that you can do right away to ensure child safety in a car. What are those ways? We will tell you 5 tips while travelling with children.

Make them sit in the rear

Kids should always be seated at the back. In case of front impact, the airbag force from the dashboard could injure a kid. Airbags are made with the intention to provide protection for full-sized adults. Being a kid, it is not suitable for him/her to brace it.

Child safety in car – Car is secured

child safety in car

While driving with infants and kids, make sure that the car is locked properly. Nowadays, all cars are equipped with door-open sensors. Make sure that all doors are properly closed and locked. Enable child door lock in the car and also lock the window switch.

Don’t leave your child

child safety in car

Never leave your child alone in the car. It is strictly not advised to keep your child unattended alone in the car. Whatever the dire circumstances are, take them with you. Even locking the car and leaving a child in it is wrong because there have been cases where the kids have suffered fatal consequences.

Child safety in car – ISOFIX seat anchors

child safety in car

Nowadays, ISOFIX child seats are available in the market. These seats have locking points that get locked on the ISOFIX mounts on the car seat. This makes sure that the child seat is properly fitted in the car and makes it stable & secure. This is a much safer way than just a normal car seat that uses a car seat belt to hold it in position.

Watch surroundings

child safety in car

While moving your car out, make sure that you check your surroundings. Kids usually are not visible and can be injured while taking reverse or in any parking situation. Use your parking assistance system which has been standardized by the government.

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