#childsafety | Internet Safety Month reminds parents to help keep children safe online

Daily life and how kids interact online continues to evolve. This includes completing more schoolwork online, interacting with friends using mobile devices and using social media. With so many aspects of kids’ lives going digital, Internet Safety Month (June) is an important time to talk with and review expectations with your children to help them stay safe online.

In April 2021, the Pew Research Center followed up with many of the same parents it surveyed in a March 2020 study to check in on their children’s use of technology and social media during the pandemic. This second survey saw a 9 percent rise year over year with a share of parents who said their young child had used digital devices and social media.

Additionally, according to a recent UScellular survey1, parents are most likely to monitor their child’s online activities. In fact, 74 percent of parents say they speak to their children about using apps and browsing the web safely and 68 percent of parents say the talk to their children about sharing appropriate photos and videos.

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