DALLAS and HOUSTON and AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — If Rebecca Lock’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur sounds like a reality TV show, that’s probably fitting, as she once produced dozens of such shows for NBC, FX, A&E and Hulu. However, the origins of her story tell a tale to which customers of her start-up can easily relate. The company? Kidcaboo, a fam-tech company, and pioneering, tech-enabled children’s rideshare, designed to ease daily schedules and lives of busy parents. 

Kidcaboo is establishing heavily-vetted Driving Nanny teams, whose vehicles are equipped with industry-leading, safety-enhancing technology, in Dallas, Houston and Austin. The company begins a soft launch in those cities this week, with an impending full launch in all three metro areas. Parents can now schedule rides via the Kidcaboo Parent App and drivers can apply via the Driving Nanny App.

For a working parent, how do you easily get your children to and from school and after-school enrichment activities, tutoring or sports practices? How do you duplicate yourself, so that you can fulfill your schedule and responsibilities? Following a three-year hiatus from the workforce to raise her young daughter and son, Ms. Lock came face-to-face with this dilemma as she was getting ready to return to the career she loved. 

Comparing notes with friends, Ms. Lock realized many parents were struggling with this problem. Even for those who could easily afford it, a nanny was not the answer. A costly compromise was being made. Sometimes, children were unable to attend enriching after-school activities they loved. Parents, especially working moms, gave up, or put on hold, well-paying careers, so they could accommodate their child’s daily transportation needs.

Explained Ms. Lock, “A serious sacrifice had to be made. I turned down the job offer and, in doing so, recognized that I was effectively ending the career I loved.” 

And so, the concept for Kidcaboo was born. 

Ms. Lock continued “School busses and after-school programs are unsustainable band-aid solutions. Kidcaboo’s mission is to create a sustainable, evolvable ecosystem that allows family life to work, gives parents freedom to perform and focus fully while at work, and allows children to thrive with assistance that does not tie a parent to their home.”

From TV Producer to First-Time Entrepreneur
The last three years, Ms. Lock has focused on building Kidcaboo and its proprietary technology. The first-time entrepreneur was committed to learning as much as possible about tech, kids’ transportation and launching a business. She needed to learn to create financial models from scratch, understand employment law and write company policies.

The first big hurdle was cleared after Rick Gilman, now the company’s Chief Information Officer, and Ali Ispahany, the interim Chief Technology Officer, committed to working with Ms. Lock to help build Kidcaboo’s two apps  – The Kidcaboo Parent App and The Driving Nanny App.

Next, after several insurance brokers struck out trying to find the arcane policies needed, a family friend volunteered his knowledge to secure/complete policy applications. In early 2019, Ms. Lock entered an entrepreneur contest. She didn’t expect to make it through round one, but ended up winning the contest and a slew of help: business coaching, website development and  legal advice. A meeting with Kidcaboo’s (now) lead general counsel was part of the prize package. One-by-one, hurdles were approached and surmounted.

The final hurdle was securing launch capital. As a first-time entrepreneur with little more than grit and compelling metrics derived from two testing periods, finding that funding was a challenge. Ms. Lock sought advice from a parent whose child was part of the test phase. So impressed with the concept and progress, he agreed to a six-figure investment allowing Kidcaboo to complete its apps and bring additional talent. In late 2021, Kidcaboo secured a second seed investment. 

Introducing: Driving Nannies
Kidcaboo is now ready to connect Driving Nannies to families in need of this vital service. Driving Nannies are heavily vetted, background checked, extensively interviewed and trained. Driving Nannies utilize their own inspected vehicles to provide reliable children’s transportation. Kidcaboo rides are scheduled via the Kidcaboo Parent App, which also allows parents to pay for and track their child’s rides. The Driving Nanny App lets approved drivers select and schedule rides. 

Utilizing its proprietary technology and dual-facing AI (artificial intelligence) Samsara cameras, Kidcaboo’s ride and safety monitors track each ride to ensure every passenger is receiving the highest level of safety, reliability and the best experience possible. Software built into the Driving Nanny App allows tracking of Driving Nanny performance, such as distracted driving, erratic behavior and touching a cell phone while driving.

For more information, visit kidcaboo.com. 

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