#childsafety | Lock up the White House Super-spreaders and free the Sudbury Three

But forget the Nobel. It’s time to give Trump and his administration Darwin Awards, which are tongue-in-cheek honors distributed to people who through sheer stupidity contribute to their own demise.

Only the truly hateful or deeply disturbed would wish death or serious illness upon President Trump and his sycophantic coat holders. But it is not improper to observe that, despite having access to the best medical advice in the world, Trump and many in his administration have recklessly and needlessly brought COVID-19 on themselves by refusing to wear masks and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Last month, a Sudbury couple and their high-school-aged child were criminally charged for hosting a party that violated COVID-19 safety protocols.

So when are Trump and all the fools who joined him in the Rose Garden for that White House reelection rally — excuse me, that announcement of a Supreme Court nominee — going to be charged with defying science and common sense?

The Sudbury party involved about 50 high school students. The Rose Garden event involved considerably more, including senior members of the administration and Congress who, presumably, are expected to act more responsibly than high school kids.

For months, Trump has been holding super-spreader rallies all over the country, where his supporters crowd together, many if not most eschewing the face masks that are essential to helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19 but which Trump and his followers equate with weakness.

The sheer, vapid lunacy of all this is stunning.

How’d you like to be one of the high-rollers who showed up at Trump’s country club in New Jersey last week? They had the privilege of forking over $2,800 to attend a fund-raiser at which a presumably already infected and potentially contagious Trump was shaking hands after he literally and figuratively put the arm on people.

Time to print up the T-shirts: I Paid $2,800 To Meet The President And All I Got Was This Stupid Disease.

The White House PR effort after Trump tweeted early Friday morning that he tested positive for COVID-19 has been spectacularly shambolic — a wheezing, chaotic embodiment of that word CNN’s Dana Bash used to describe the presidential debate last week.

On Monday, we found out the person leading that PR effort, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, tested positive for the coronavirus, which is not a surprise, given her proximity to the president and so many others in the White House who have already tested positive. Neither was it a surprise that, despite knowing she was at high risk to contract COVID-19, McEnany continued to speak to members of the media while not wearing a mask.

The level of chutzpah, arrogance, and just flat-out selfishness is breathtaking, literally, in some cases.

On Sunday, Trump ignored medical advice, again, and left the hospital so he could stage a photo op, to show how tough he is. At least this time he didn’t have demonstrators beaten off the street so he could pose with a Bible. I’m sure the Secret Service guys who drove him around were thrilled to accommodate the Super-Spreader-in-Chief.

On Monday, Trump said he’d be leaving the hospital, claiming it’s the best he’s felt in 20 years.

Swell. Now he’ll say, “Vote for me. I’ve got the antibodies!”

Maybe he can pardon those parents who hosted the party in Sudbury.

Time to lock up the White House Super-Spreaders and free the Sudbury Three.

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