#childsafety | More than 13,000 school children get tips from Delhi Police

New Delhi: The Cyber Crime Unit (CyPAD) of Delhi Police on Monday conducted a mass awareness program under for school children in which 58 schools from across Delhi participated.

As many as 13,106 students from these schools were made aware of various cybersecurity issues.Deputy Commissioner of Police (CyPAD) Anyesh Roy said that students were made aware of issues such as “Sexting” and risks of sharing private, revealing images with someone, especially a stranger.

They were also made aware of concerns such as cyberbullying, cyber grooming and what to do when faced with such a situation.

“Students were urged to not forward rumours or embarrassing photos and treat others with respect. Students were advised to discuss these issues, incidents with a trusted adult like a parent, family member, teacher and also to report such incidents on the recently launched cybercrime reporting portal on which complaints can also be filed anonymously,” said DCP Roy.

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