#childsafety | ! Murcia Today – Spanish Government May Extend The Erte Scheme Past The End Of September

Date Published: 18/07/2020

The temporary redundancies scheme may be extended for the hostelry, commercial and tourism sectors

Spanish government may extend the ERTE scheme past the end of September
On Friday the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, indicated the possibility that the Government may extend the Temporary Employment Regulatory Files (temporary redundancies scheme)ERTE, which has supported businesses through the covid crisis and resulted in millions of temporary lay-offs in Spain beyond September 30th for the hospitality, commerce and tourism sectors.


This scheme helps businesses to refloat after the Covid lockdown without having to immediately pay out huge redundancy payouts for workers being laid off and helps businesses to gradually re-employ as their finances recover from the covid lockdowns.


Negotiations with the unions will undoubtedly be as protracted as the former extension was, but the comment made does show a willingness to talk and may help to re-assure business owners in this position.

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