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After 40 years of service, there is still not typical day for Dr. Donald Wilson at Primary Plus in Maysville.

Wilson is an OB/GYN at Primary Plus and has served as the medical director for PP for seven years.

His day may begin at 8:30 a.m. or could begin earlier, depending on the services he is providing for his patients. Sometimes, he goes home at 5 p.m. and other days, he may stay later.

“If we have a surgery, we’ll typically begin around 7:30 a.m.,” he said. “But, if we’re only seeing patients in the office, I’ll start around 8:30 a.m. We’ll work until 5 p.m. or until we’re no longer needed. I work with women throughout their reproductive years for all problems. Some women consider their OB/GYN their primary care physician. We work with women on long standing or chronic issues and referrals to family practice group or to physicians of their choice.”

Wilson was born and raised in Maysville. He graduated from Maysville High School before attending the University of Kentucky. During his time there, he was pre-dentistry, but during school, that pathway changed and he decided he wanted to work in a different medical field.

“I was pre-dent and I figured out that pre-med wasn’t going to be any harder, so I switched. I thought I’d come back to Maysville to be a family practice physician, but in my third year, I had my obstetrics rotation and then general surgery,” he said. “I wanted to do both because they were so interesting.”

He then attended Wright State University and Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio for his internship and residency.

“I finished there in July 1980,” he said. “I started (in Maysville) two weeks later on July 14, 1980. My secretary, Betty Campbell, started two weeks before me, so she could start making appointments.”

According to Wilson, he worked in the medical building, located in downtown Maysville. He was in a solo practice until October 1983 when Dr. David Doty came on board. In 1995, they were joined by Dr. Laura Shower.

The practice continued in the building until 2005 when they were invited to merge with the Lewis County Primary Care Center.

“We did all types of obstetrics, gynecology, deliveries, c-sections,” he said. “We merged with Primary Care in 2005 and that was when they changed it to Primary Plus.”

According to Wilson, the decision to merge with Primary Plus was an easy one because it allowed them to lower the amount of paperwork load and focus more on caring for the patients.

“It was a very good decision,” he said. “We decreased a lot of paperwork headache and we’re able to focus more on our patient’s needs.”

During his tenure, Wilson said he has delivered more than 8,000 babies, though the exact number is unknown.

“It sounds a little cliche, but every birth is unique and it’s always exciting when you get to attend one,” he said.

Wilson said he has delivered numerous twins, but triplets and above are usually sent to Lexington or Cincinnati.

Wilson said the department has grown since he first joined. There are now five OB/GYNs, including himself, Shower, Samantha Olzesky, Kallie Akers and Michael Socher. There are also nurse practitioners, including Katie Young, Melissa Redmond and Dana Tucker and midwife, Becky Hogge.

According to Wilson, he had several mentors over the years who encouraged him along the way, including Harry Mitchell Denham, Robert Blake, William Cartmell, Kelly Moss, George Estill and Claude Cummins.

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