#childsafety | Navigate360 Adds P3 Global Intel to Further Expand its Portfolio of World Class Safety Solutions

RICHFIELD, Ohio, Sept. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today, P3 Global Intel, the leading tip management software solution, announced it is joining the Navigate360 family of safety and preparedness solutions.  

In coming together with P3 Global Intel, Navigate360 will add to its robust portfolio of safety solutions and will expand its reach to an added 50,000 schools and businesses across the country. P3’s tip and intelligence management software provides school administrators and law enforcement with a seamless and efficient solution to address significant health and safety concerns.

“When it comes to safety, solving problems before they arise through thoughtful prevention planning is undoubtedly the best way to keep schools and communities safe,” said JP Guilbault, CEO of Navigate360. “Our engagement with P3 Global represents another milestone for Navigate360 in our earnest and methodical approach to bringing a complete set of safety solutions to communities nationwide.”

P3 Global Intel’s integrated and state-of-the-art tip acquisition and management solution is the leading choice of Crime Stoppers Programs, Law Enforcement Agencies, Campus Safety Programs, and Federal Agency Initiatives in the US. Its proven technology is used in over 35,000 schools and districts across the country, where it has helped school leadership bring mental health needs to light, avert tragedies, and save lives.

P3 is unique because it allows students, parents and school faculty to report tips and engage in fully anonymous dialogue through a mobile app, desktop or mobile browser, or telephone. It facilitates real-time communications, and its robust backend technology allows schools to carefully track and monitor reports to ensure each student gets the support they need. Backed by nine of the leading statewide-school safety initiatives and national programs, including Sandy Hook Promise, P3 is widely recognized as a software solution that has saved countless lives by giving schools the chance to intervene before a tragedy occurs.

“Having spent close to 30 years working with the public and private sectors to build essential tools for critical communications, I’ve seen firsthand how a tip from a concerned student or parent can save a life,” said Kevin Anderson, founder and creator of P3. “Anonymous reporting is especially critical for students who so often witness the struggles of their peers but are afraid to come forward. By coming together with Navigate360, we will make schools safer, as well as businesses, by enabling them to integrate our technology into their larger safety solution plans in a seamless, easy to use way.”

Navigate360’s prevention-centered approach and continuous innovation in its training, safety assessment services, management software, and eLearning offerings further cements the company as the leading provider of safety solutions for schools and workplaces in the US today.

About Navigate360
Navigate360 boldly confronts the challenges communities face by creating safe environments where they can thrive and focus on their true mission. Through technology, education and services, Navigate360 offers solutions spanning the full spectrum of safety – from prevention and preparation through response and recovery. Navigate360 is defining a modern approach to safety using rapid innovation and unparalleled expertise to provide the solutions necessary to build safer tomorrows – physically, socially and emotionally.

About P3 Global Intel
P3 Global Intel is a fully integrated and state-of-the-art tip acquisition and tip management solution that quickly became the leading choice of Crime Stoppers Programs, Law Enforcement Agencies, Campus Safety Programs, and Federal Agency Initiatives. P3 offers a refreshing approach to cloud-based tip and intelligence management – resulting in massive increases in civilian engagement through anonymous tips. By combining revolutionary technologies with two decades of tip management expertise – P3 has forever changed how schools and law enforcement agencies engage with the public.

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