#childsafety | New Jersey Parents Sue to Reopen Schools After Covid-19 Closures

Parents say their lawsuits against three New Jersey school districts helped pressure them to bring students back for some in-person classes, or at least get on that path.
Now these plaintiffs, who sued in the Montclair, Scotch Plains-Fanwood and South Orange-Maplewood districts, say families from around the state, plus some from as far as California, have reached out for advice on taking legal action.
Montclair plaintiff Steven Baffico said the callers share the same plea: “We’re frustrated beyond belief, our kids are suffering, we’ve had enough and want to file a suit, can you help us?”
An advocacy group where Mr. Baffico is a board member, Jersey 1st, is helping parents in some towns consider litigation, he said. Parents in about 30 districts in New Jersey have reached out for guidance, he said: In three districts, parents are preparing complaints and in 14 they are trying to organize.
Plaintiffs say they understand teachers’ concerns about coronavirus, but studies show risks are low when schools take safety steps—and their children are anxious, lonely and losing their zest for learning due to remote schooling.

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