#childsafety | New Mexico reports increase in tips about online predators

Now with schools doing most or all of the fall semester online, the tips could add up.

“There isn’t going to be 8 hours of school, so (kids are) gonna be exploring and looking at different apps and, you know, learning too, but predators know that, and that’s a playground for them now,” Maez said. T”hey’re gonna be out there looking for those children.”

The commander said Facebook is slowing down in terms of predators contacting children. Now, they’re targeting children on popular platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Tik Tok.

Maez said parents should educate themselves on the apps to learn the language and how they work, then approach their children. However, Maez said not to be aggressive or threaten to block them off social media.

“We see time and time again where a parent has taken away a child’s phone and their device and they find some other way to talk to this individual who is a predator,” he said.

Every year, there are about 100 prosecutions for child predators in New Mexico.

Maez said parents, or anyone, concerned about a child’s safety online should call 1 (800) 843-5678.

Resources to learn more about social media safety can be found here.

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