#childsafety | NSPCC COLUMN: New resources for Croydon parents and carers of children with SEND

Written by Barry O’Sullivan, Team Manager at the NSPCC Croydon Service Centre

One of the key goals of the NSPCC is to be there for all children when they need help.

We recently embarked on a new partnership between Net Aware, our website run in partnership with O2, and Ambitious About Autism to provide tailored online safety advice for parents and carers of children with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) in an initiative called the SEND Hub.

We know that being online can be a positive experience for children and young people, but social media, messaging apps and online games can pose some risk, and as parents or carers we have an important role in helping to make sure our children are able to navigate their online worlds in a way that offers all the benefits while mitigating any dangers.

When your child has additional needs, your role as a parent is even more important, and sometimes the prospect of keeping your child safe online can feel like a lot of responsibility.

To help navigate this, the SEND hub has lots of advice, contributions from parents’ real-life experiences, and useful tools such as downloadable photo symbols, to help start a conversation around online safety and relay important information in a more visual way.

There is also a downloadable photo symbol pack to look at cyberbullying, which helps explain some of the negative language and actions that can take place on social media and games, including brief explanations of some words used by gamers that some parents and children may not be aware of.

There are lots of other resources on the hub too, plus activities, designed in partnership with Ambitious About Autism, and even a quiz about online safety.

You can also find lots of information about apps, sites and games your children use at www.netaware.org.uk

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