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With more children out and about these school holidays, police have offered a timely reminder for parents to discuss the ‘Safe People, Safe Places’ messages with their children. Orana Mid-Western Police District Senior Constable Martin Paice of the youth command said when out and about children can be confronted with situations where good decision making is vital. He said it was important parents and caregivers help educate children with appropriate responses to certain situations to help them avoid trouble and danger. READ ALSO: “From a police point of view, we like to use positive language and talk about safe people, safe places and as a parent making sure you’ve had a chat with your child,” he said. Senior Constable Paice said some of the tips to give children when they’re out and about include: identifying safe places, don’t stop and talk to people you don’t know, always find a safe place, when out in public stay in areas where there’s lots of people, don’t walk away from family or friends and always tell someone where you’re going. “It’s that simple message you never talk or get into a strangers car. It’s that idea if you don’t know somebody you just don’t talk to them,” he said. “Again parents and caregivers would need to sit down with their children and explain what a safe place is, things like schools, shops, police stations, fire stations and those sorts of things.” Conversations about safe people, safe places should begin as soon as children start going out and about with parents. “Obviously preschool would be a good time when children are out and about, but even going up to the shops with mum and dad, it’s important that children learn they need to stay with their parents and not wander off,” Senior Constable Paice said. A great way to help reinforce the importance of safety when out and about is by setting an example. “An important thing that parents and caregivers should realise, children will respond if parents teach them and model it themselves,” Senior Constable Paice said. “So being alert to these sorts of things as well, using the pedestrian crossing, always looking left and right when you cross the road, hold each other’s hands, those simple things that we do need to be teaching our children.” The NSW Police under the youth command have a school liaison team who work closely with schools to further educate children on a wide range of issues to keep them safe. “We go in and use the same sort of messages to reinforce that with kids as well,” Senor Constable Paice said. For more information on Safe People, Safe Places visit the NSW Police website. Love local news? Sign up for our daily newsletter



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