#childsafety | One elementary school’s PTO hosts the ‘Hocus Pocus Challenge’ to create spooky pandemic fun

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (KWWL) – With Halloween just a day away, COVID-19 has given spooky season a whole new look. Still wanting to create safe fun, Southdale Elementary School’s Parent-Teacher Organization has created the “Hocus Pocus Challenge”.

For trick-or-treat hours and safety tips, click here.

Stirring up some spooktacular fun, this parent group has created a map, of their community, with numbered pumpkins on it. The pumpkins represent decorated houses whoa re trying to out spook each other.

This map can be found HERE.

Using the map, families can navigate the neighborhoods, look for the numbered houses, and use the QR code on the map to vote for your favorite house.

Knowing it has been a hard year for educators, event coordinator Peter Ferrel said this challenge is also a fundraiser to support their teachers.

“We just asked for $10 to put your house on the map, and if folks wanted to donate a little more you were able to do that,” Ferrel said.

Crediting his wife, Ashley Ferrel, for creating the challenge, he believes the turnout they’ve received can really help supply teachers and their students.

“This year specifically, there are so many new needs including PPE and cleaning supplies,” Ferrel said, “a lot of times teachers are spending out of pocket for a lot of that stuff and so we just wanna be able to help out if possible.”


  1. scariest house
  2. cutest house
  3. most creative house

For more information on the Hocus Pocus Challenge, click HERE.

You can vote for your favorite house HERE.

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