#childsafety | Police Chief offers back-to-school safety tips for Village children and their parents | Key Biscayne

Another school year is upon us in Key Biscayne. It seems like yesterday we were embarking into the summer. The beginning of the school year brings excitement, nerves — and traffic. The Key Biscayne Police Department is eager to welcome students, parents and staff back to school.

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There is nothing more important to my staff and I than our children’s safety. Parents and residents will notice increased visibility and our presence will be seen throughout the Village’s schools. Our School Resource Officers are looking forward to the daily interactions, smiles, and of course teaching D.A.R.E.

The Police Department has the following “Back to School Safety Tips” to assist in our return to the classroom:

– It is strongly recommended that students know their home address and phone number, as well as a parent’s cell phone number. Help your child practice it so they have it memorized before school begins.

– Walk/ride in pedestrian populated areas and never take shortcuts. Always stay on the Safe Route to School.

– Stay within the crosswalks and obey all traffic signals and signs. Obey the crossing guard if one is available.

– If children ride their bikes or scooters to school, ensure they always wear a helmet.

– Teach children the safety rule, “Say NO, GO and TELL.” If anyone approaches your child, offers them a ride, asks for directions, or makes them feel uncomfortable, instruct them to say “NO,” get away from the situation (GO), and TELL a trusted adult.

– Make sure children understand to NEVER leave school with anyone they haven’t been instructed to leave with by you. If someone comes up to them and tells them that there is an emergency, and they want your child to go with them, be sure they know to check first with you or another trusted adult (school personnel) before doing so.

Parents, rest assured your Key Biscayne Police Department is prepared to respond to any situation. Students’ safety is always a priority while they are in their respective educational institutions.

The department trains on a consistent basis and we have an excellent relationship with our partners. It is our policy to enter any sensitive situation immediately and engage the threat. I am hopeful we never have to encounter such a situation in Key Biscayne, but we are ready and prepared.

I am certain we are in for an exciting school year. Our children are the future, and it is important we all do our part to lead the next generation of our Island Paradise.

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