#childsafety | prevent dog bites, introduce dog to baby

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  • Adult supervision and awareness of child safety around dogs and cats can help prevent bites and other dangerous situations.
  • We spoke to three experts about how to raise compassionate kids who respect and understand the needs of their pets.
  • With their guidance, we compiled this list of products and services that support safe interactions between kids and pets.
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When you combine kids with pets, things can go from fun and friendly to scary and dangerous in an instant. Studies indicate that around 51% of all dog bites occur in children. Kids who end up accidentally clawed by a cat are undoubtedly just as common.

With proactive planning and lots of supervision, however, harmony can exist in a household with kids and pets. We spoke with three experts to learn how to set up families for success. Steph Miller, a dog trainer and the owner of San Francisco’s Bernal Beast, guided us on canines while humane educator Hannah Shaw advised us on felines. We also consulted with Catherine Tannert, a veterinarian at VCA Old Marple in Springfield, Pennsylvania, about both types of pets.

Here are 15 tips and products to keep kids safe around dogs and cats:

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