#childsafety | SafeToNet partners with Digicel to safeguard children in the Caribbean online

SafeToNetone of the UK’s leading safety tech companies, has partnered exclusively in the Caribbean with complete communications provider Digicel, in an exciting next step which furthers their mission to help raise a new, global, generation of safer digital citizens.

Digicel is a leading network provider whose operations span over 30 countries in the Caribbean, Central America and the Pacific regions. From October 23 Digicel customers in Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago have been able to access a free 60-day trail of the SafeToNet app, via Digicel’s messaging paltform BiP.

This move comes as Trinidad & Tobago announces their five year plan to move towards a digital society. As children spend increasing amounts of time online, they are more at risk of encountering digital threats like cyberbullying, scamming and sextortion, and so it is vital that cyber-safety and digital wellbeing are prioritised.


SafeToNet is creating a world in which children are automatically safe online, by providing pioneering safeguarding technology to families around the world, and educating both children and parents about online risks and the importance of digital wellbeing. This partnership between SafeToNet and Digicel is necessary and hugely timely, as Trinidad and Tobago look towards an exciting future.

SafeToNet’s real-time safeguarding app uses artificial intelligence to detect and filter risks as they happen, steering children away from trouble, while always respecting their rights to privacy.

By providing them with real-time advice on internet safety, and a host of digital wellbeing features, SafeToNet empowers children to navigate the digital world safely. This will be the first time that SafeToNet is available in these regions, opening up access to digital safeguarding to countless more children.

Richard Pursey, founder and Group CEO SafeToNet, said: “SafeToNet’s priority is keeping children safe online and we are delighted to partner with Digicel on this.

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“The app doesn’t allow parents to snoop or spy on their kids, but rather parents are given the insights they need to ensure their children are safe. It’s a digital age, and most children live their life online, this won’t change, so we think it’s important to give children the tools they need to navigate the digital world safely.

“There are dangers that can affect their psychological and, in some cases, physical welfare, but by offering real-time advice and guidance for children and parents about online issues as they arise, the app is able to help when it is needed the most.”


Oliver Coughlan, Digicel Chief Executive Officer – Caribbean & Central America, said: “Digicel has been working with many online educational platforms to provide children with safe educational resources during this time, but with children spending more time online, we recognise the potential for danger, which is why we’ve partnered with SafeToNet to help protect them.

“We acknowledge and applaud parents for doing their best, but we know that they can’t always police their child’s online usage, and as children grow into teenagers they’re also deserving of a level of privacy and independence as they mature and make want to make decisions for themselves. SafeToNet’s technology gives parents peace of mind, because they know that their children’s digital wellbeing is being safeguarded.”

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