#childsafety | Sandton Police Station bids farewell to Captain Meyer

Communications officer Captain Granville Meyer of the Sandton Police Station is spreading his wings.

Going back to the Mother City, Meyer said he would most definitely miss Johannesburg and some of its journalists.

Being the communications officer for almost three years at the station, Meyer played a huge role, from implementing charity initiatives to introducing us to his puppet Captain Khumalo, and his efforts did not go unnoticed.

“The puppet is going with me, we are one. I’m just thinking, all the gold that the guys don’t want to use in Johannesburg I am taking with me. The pap, the steak and the boiled eggs I will leave here with them,” he joked.

He hoped The Street Store concept for displaced people would carry on and hopefully another puppet would take Captain Khumalo’s place to continue the awareness for child safety.

Meyer added that he would miss his colleagues and the station as a whole.

“I’ve learnt a lot here at the station over the years and I got a lot of experience, it’s been almost three years.”

Some advice for the new officer replacing him is to come with bright ideas and implement them.

Meyer will be stationed at the Nyanga cluster police station in Cape Town.

“Having been named the former murder capital of South Africa, it will be quite intense compared to the crimes here in Sandton. I have hopes of converting that area to something amazing in the future.”

And that he will. Some of his other future plans are to be the top communications officer in South Africa and have some of his initiatives implemented on a national scale.

From Fourways Review, thank you for your service Captain Meyer.

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