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It’s back-to-school season. But this year, it’s different. I don’t think it’s ever felt so strange.

I’m still seeing school supplies in stores, but now I’m seeing those supplies over the brim of a mask that’s fogging up my glasses. It’s filling my stomach with dread instead of the usual excitement.

I can’t imagine what our teachers are thinking through as they prepare for a strange, scary and unpredictable school year. I can’t imagine what parents and guardians are thinking about as they weigh their professional commitments and schedules with the health and safety of their beloved students.

As I think through it all, I must say, I don’t envy a single one of the decision-makers involved.

Many parents are considering at-home education, perhaps for the first time. If that’s the route you take, Pikes Peak Library District is committed to providing the resources you need for academic success.

We have an incredible collection of tools to help parents navigate the task, whether you’re a first-timer or a homeschooling regular. They’re great options for all students, even if you’re not homeschooling your child.

All of the information below is available to you for free through the Library:

Lesson Plans

I have to imagine one of the first thoughts for new homeschooling parents is, “How on earth do I decide what to teach my children?” We can help.

Find our collection of 13 different places you can access lesson plans, worksheets, teaching tips, calendars, and more online — all for free and organized by grade level. To get started, visit ppld.org/homeschool-hub/websites/2604.

Access to Local Homeschool Enrichment Programs

Looking for help? Look into local enrichment programs! Gain access to classes on specific subjects, which often include other activities. We put together a collection of local enrichment programs for you to peruse. To see them all, visit ppld.org/homeschool-hub/websites/2605.

Information about Homeschooling in Colorado

We know that education is critically important, and that you want to get homeschooling right. We have information about Colorado homeschool law, resources on best practices, where to find supplies and support, and more. Visit ppld.org/homeschool-hub, click on resources, then scroll down to “Basics.”

Library Programs for Homeschoolers

We offer virtual programs that are fun and exciting ways to learn and meet other homeschooling families! Visit our calendar and type “homeschool” into the search bar to find programs: ppld.librarymarket.com.

We also have programs not specifically designed for homeschooling, which can still add value to your student’s education. Check out the full calendar of events to take advantage of them all!

Homeschool Parent Support Groups

Homeschooling is a big undertaking, and support can make it easier. Visit ppld.org/homeschool-hub and click on resources, then scroll down to “Support.” You’ll find links to blogs, local support groups, state and national resources, and more.

Free One-on-One Help

If all of the above feels overwhelming, that’s where our staff comes in. Connect with a staff member to ask questions about any of the above, or to get help deciding where to start: ppld.org/ask.

Kayah Swanson is director of public relations and marketing for Pikes Peak Library District. She’s a former journalist turned nonprofit communicator. Reach Kayah with any questions at kswanson@ppld.org.

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