#childsafety | Summer Safety: Keep Your Child Safe with a Trampoline

Since 2018, statistics show that 300,000 people have been injured on the trampoline. The National Children’s Hospital has some tips on how to keep your children safe while they are having fun.

Columbus, Ohio — As summer gets into full swing, doctors are sending safety reminders to parents who have trampolines and parents who have trampolines in their neighborhood. Trampoline-related injuries are one of the largest injuries to children during the summer, according to ER statistics from the National Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Nkeiruka Orajika, a specialist in the emergency department of the National Children’s Hospital, said there are some rules to keep in mind when using home trampolines.

Adult supervision is required, children under the age of 6 should not ride the trampoline and only one person should jump at a time.

“The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Orthopedics do not recommend home trampolines just because of safety concerns. There are many injuries,” said Dr. Oradiaka.

According to 2018 statistics, trampoline injured 300,000 people nationwide and 110,000 visitors to the emergency room, according to Oradiaka.

She said there are several ways you can keep your child safer when you jump to one.

“You need to keep the fences sticking out and the branches from closing, as your child can fall and get injured.”

She also said that the net helps with security, but has not been shown to actually reduce injuries. Jumping one at a time is also a good rule for adults to follow.

“The parent had an injury that landed on the child and caused a fracture, so jump with the child and make sure it is not safe for the child or you.”

Dr. Oradiaka said that even if you don’t have a trampoline, your neighbors and friends may do so, so always have these conversations with your children.

She also suggests that you consider your home insurance as many institutions remove trampolines from coverage.

“They know that trampolines are dangerous, and they have trampoline exclusions.”

Summer Safety: Keep Your Child Safe with a Trampoline

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