#childsafety | Sunway Group lands CNY advice in-flight safety style

Sunway Group has taken an unconventional route for its new Chinese New Year video “In The Air” by using in-flight safety videos as an inspiration. The protagonist in the video is seen dishing out “safety tips” such as stowing baggage away in designated areas to avoid obstruction, checking that snacks and drinks are in order before helping others, as well as being considerate and not opening your red packets on the spot.

In a statement to A+M, Sunway’s spokesperson said it wanted to produce a video that would stand out this festive season and worked together with its agency 16TWO to explore areas that departed from its past work. Both teams also explored and identified creative concepts and ideas that would set this festive video apart from the other spots it previously did.

“Turning to airline in-flight safety videos as inspiration, the video creatively presents advice that is usually passed down verbally from parent to child,” the spokesperson said.

The teams analysed and mapped out a common series of Do’s and Don’ts of Chinese New Year and matched them with existing in-flight safety measure procedures. With the in-flight safety measures setting the tone in the lead up to the prosperity toss in the video, the teams then came up with the title “In The Air”.

According to the spokesperson, Sunway hopes that the festive video aims to have a strong brand recall by surprising consumers with the unexpected concept. At the time of writing, the Facebook video had 2.5k reactions, 203 comments, and 769 shares. The video also featured limited-edition Chinese New Year red packets by Sunway and the company is urging social media followers to participate in a contest to win them. To get their hands on the red packets, netizens will need to list down three safety measures mentioned in the video and share the video on their wall.

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