#childsafety | Tan France Responds To Fans Dissing His Baby News

According to Tan Frances’ Instagram Stories, some fans weren’t supportive of his method of contraception. “For all of those who are asking or really angrily saying we should have adopted instead of surrogacy…If you’re so upset about me having my own children, you can adopt. Please go ahead and adopt. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to do,” France continued. “You don’t know our story…But those who are saying that I am exploiting a woman’s body, I wanna make it really clear: I didn’t just grab someone off the street and kidnap her and get her pregnant. This was somebody that we care about very much, who wanted to do this for us, who was generous enough to help us have our absolute dream and to raise a family.” 

France also revealed that he and husband Rob France will be great parents to their unborn son. “Believe me, we are gonna love this child so much more than one could ever possibly imagine,” France promised. “He will be plenty loved even without a mother.” 

France concluded his Stories with some advice: “Finally even before I got on Queer Eye, even before getting into the public eye, I never dreamt of saying nasty things to people online behind the safety of a keyboard. There’s no reason to. Just think it and move on. Just be better, be kinder.” Cheers to the father-to-be!

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