#childsafety | Thunderstorms move into Sierra and western Nevada, forecasters advise flash floods possible | Carson City Nevada News

Thunderstorms have begun to move into the Sierra and western Nevada region Thursday afternoon, bringing with them lightning, periods of heavy rain and a risk of flash flooding and debris flows in recent wild land fire burn areas.

Recent burn scars such as Numbers and Poeville are susceptible to debris flows from heavy thunderstorm downpours, according to the National Weather Service, noting that flash flooding often happens with little or no advance warning.

The storms are expected to bring lightning, periods of heavy rain, hail, and gusty winds over 40 mph. The weather service advises the following areas may experience thunderstorms: Western Nevada Basin and Range including Pyramid Lake, greater Lake Tahoe, Northern Washoe County, Reno, Carson City, Carson Valley, southern Lyon County and Mineral County.

In the Sierra, hikers and campers should be prepared for sudden drops in temperature that may lead to hypothermia. Boaters on lakes, including Lake Tahoe, should seek shelter from the thunderstorms.

During a thunderstorm, the weather service advises people to seek shelter inside a sturdy structure or vehicle if possible. If on or near a lake, get out of the water and move indoors. Gusty winds will cause a sudden and rapid increase in wave heights which may capsize small boats. Stay away from creeks and streams as water levels may rise rapidly near thunderstorms.

The weather service advises people to stay tuned to TV and radio announcements and weather alerts that come in via cell phone or apps.

The storms are expected through this evening, forecasters say. Check here for updates.

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