#childsafety | Tinder to get improved safety features following investment in Noonlight

Given Tinder’s prevalence in the global dating app market, it’s rather odd that the application has been devoid of safety features aside from the ability to report a user or find safety tips.

That is set to change however as Match Group – the parent company to Match, Tinder, OkCupid and more – has announced its investment in Noonlight.

Noonlight actually has nothing to do with dating whatsoever but does have a safety app of the same name. The Noonlight app appears to function similarly to apps such as Namola in that emergency services are dispatched when you are in a dire situation, and an alarm is triggered.

Following its investment in Noonlight, Match Group will be adding its safety features to its suite of apps.

The first app to receive those features is Tinder and users will find these tools in a new section of the app called Safety Center from 28th January.

The catch is that these features appear to be solely for the US. This makes sense as Match Group would likely have to work with emergency services in individual countries to make these features work as intended. However, as Match Group is not behind the safety features itself, it will be interesting to see if these features reach other areas of the globe.

How can Noonlight help Tinder users?

Once integrated with Tinder, users will be able to add details of an upcoming date to a Tinder Timeline. The user then has the ability to discreetly alert emergency services should they feel they are in danger.

“If an alarm is triggered, Noonlight’s certified dispatchers will reach out to check on the user and alert emergency responders if needed, providing them with critical, contextual information from the Tinder user’s Timeline,” explains Match Group.

Other safety features that will be headed to Tinder include Photo Verification and “Does This Bother You” prompt. The “Does This Bother You” prompt will reportedly appear when harassment is detected. Match Group says this is powered by machine learning.

“A safe and positive dating experience is crucial to our business,” said Match Group’s chief executive officer, Mandy Ginsberg.

“We’ve found cutting-edge technology in Noonlight that can deliver real-time emergency services – which doesn’t exist on any other dating product – so that we can empower singles with tools to keep them safer and give them more confidence. Integrating this kind of technology, in addition to the other safety standards that Match Group is implementing across our brands, is a necessary step in dating innovation,” added Ginsberg.

We’ve fired off a query to Match Group to find out if these safety features will eventually reach other parts of the world. As soon as we have word from the firm we will update this story.
[Source – Match Group]

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