#childsafety | Tips for Finding a Home if You Have Kids

Finding a place called home is stressful and nerve racking especially if you have kids. You have to search for a house that you think is comfortable and safe for your children. There are some questions that you need to ask yourself and check out while touring the house.

Are the local schools of good reputation?

If your kids are already attending school it’s important to know if the schools in the area have high quality of education. You also have to check if it’s far from where you want to buy a home. Your kid’s education and safety is very vital.

Are there other families in the vicinity?

Would you like to live in a neighborhood where there are other growing families as well? Some parents like to buy a house wherein there are other families in the area so that their own kids can interact with other kids and make friends with them.

Are the bedrooms all on the same floor?

There are parents who want all the bedrooms on the same floor so that they can easily reach the kids rooms especially if the kids are sick, needs attention and comfort. You have to check how the rooms are placed and how large it is.

Are there a lot of crimes happening in the neighborhood?

When planning to buy a property you have to make sure that the entire neighborhood is safe for you and your family. You can check if there are local crimes in the area by simply talking to the people in the neighborhood or local police department.

Is there a lot of traffic on the street?

You can check if the location of the property is near a busy highway or is it located in the quiet area. It is important especially if you have small children. You can check it by looking at the home exterior photo or by driving past the house.

Does the property have extra room or basement?

For some, especially if you have a large family it is important to have an extra room or basement for children. The room can be converted to a play room and spacious enough for your kid’s toys, books and other kid’s equipment.

Is there a family room?

Buyers with children prefer to have a family room or TV room especially if they always bond during weekends or holidays. Parents want to be with their kids and spend some time with them if they are not busy with work. And that’s usually happening in the family room.

Are there playgrounds and other outdoor area to play?

Parents who have kids are sometimes checking if there are recreational areas available nearby where there kids can enjoy. Some of these are playgrounds, museums, community pools and parks. If this is important for you and your kids you can ask the real estate agent or check online.

Does the home have dangerous stairway?

Having a steep stairway is dangerous especially if you have small kids. As a parent, you really have to check the stairway for your children’s safety. You may install baby gates at the bottom of the stairs for your child’s protection.

Will the kids have to share a bedroom or bathroom?

If you already have a teenager it is important to ask them about bedroom and bathroom issues before deciding on buying a property. Make sure you already talk to them about sharing rooms. If they don’t want to share rooms then move to the next home option and make sure to inform the real estate agent of this concern.

These are just some tips on searching for a new home for you and your family. We hope these simple guidelines will help you in looking for a comfortable and loving place with your loved ones.

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