#childsafety | Trampolines Are Unsafe For Everyone, Says Doctors

Recent reports show that doctors don’t think any child of any age should ever be on a trampoline. Now, that you’ve spend $300 on it, say goodbye to it

Trampolines have been the go-to for many parents that are looking to entertain their children in their own backyards. It seems as though it would be a great activity to keep them active and tear them away from the television. Children of all ages love to spend time jumping around and enjoying themselves on a trampoline, but a recent report says this activity should not be permitted for any child, regardless of their age.

While the dangers of being on a trampoline are certainly not a secret, and most parents are aware that this type of play does come with a certain amount of risk, the news that trampolines are not safe for any child of any age is catching many parents off guard.

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This news is likely not at all the type of news you want to hear, but the benefits of following this advice will far outweigh the risks. There have been too many reports of broken bones, fractures, and instances of paralysis or worse.

It’s time to put the trampoline away for good.

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There’s no safe age. Period, zero. Doctors have been warning against trampoline use for quite some time, but a recently released report contains a critical warning from doctors advising parents to take heed and get rid of the trampolines before their children are harmed –or worse. This is not just a warning about children landing on one another or having a freak accident of some sort. It’s actually a stern, medical warning indicating that children’s bones are simply not developed enough for this activity.

Simply jumping and landing is enough to damage their bones and cause painful injuries that are not easy to repair. “Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Randall Loder says that pediatric bones are softer and more compressible than adult bones, and because they are still actively growing, the healing process is much more complicated.” No parent would ever want their child to go through this type of pain, and there’s no safe age for this activity.

Everyone from toddlers to teens should be hanging their jumping hats and finding another activity to keep busy. Sources reveal that “the smallest jumpers can often suffer the biggest injuries, Loder — along with the American Academy of Pediatrics — has determined that no child should ever be on a trampoline.

The warning is clear and the dangers are far too prevalent for parents to ignore.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, reveals that “in 2014, more than 24,000 children ages 2 to 5 suffered trampoline injuries serious enough to land them in the ER, and more than 40 percent of those incidents resulted in broken bones,” and the numbers reported today are much higher, since the popularity of trampolines has increased dramatically.

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