#childsafety | Useful Tips for Dealing with Elderly Parents Who Refuse Assistance

An elderly parent refusing help is one of the most common and difficult situations for adult children to navigate. The default mode for most people is to try and reason with their parents. Through logical explanations, they can point out why they need to make changes or take on some kind of assistance. Unfortunately, logic almost always fails.


Fear is usually what underlies a refusal to change or accept help. Aging parents are afraid of losing their way of life, their routines, their control, their minds, their capabilities, and so on. Accepting help from an outside source of care is often seen as the beginning of the end. That can be an incredibly difficult reality to come to terms with, as so many people outright refuse to do.

What can you do when an aging parent refuses to accept help?

Put the emphasis on your worries, not their incapabilities

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