#childsafety | Youth Services Education Collection By Whitefish Bay Public Library

September 22, 2020

The Youth Services Department has gathered together a collection of educational books to help support our families and students. This new collection is currently on display in our department. It includes books covering a wide range of needs from homeschooling and alternative-schooling strategies, reading and writing guides, educational philosophies, emotional/social learning, study skills and time management and much more. Here are some highlights from our new collection!

Where’s the Math? emphasizes the concept of mathematizing which means seeing math in our daily routines and using mathematical language and concepts to analyze and explore our world. Educational experts agree that this way of thinking and learning about math is critical to helping children understand, use, and stay engaged with math starting at an early age. This book provides lots of ideas to add math concepts, such as matching and sorting, patterns, measurement, and spatial relationships, to your child’s daily routine.

Raising a Rock-Star Reader: 75 Quick Tips to Help Your Child Develop a Lifelong Love of Reading(372.42 M395 EDU)

These two books provide great tips for raising a reader and nurturing a lifelong love of reading. It all starts from day one with a child’s first books, reading aloud, reading activities in everyday life, and games to develop reading skills. The author, Allison McDonald, is the creator of one of our favorite educational blogs, No Time for Flash Cards!

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