#childsafetytips | Back to school internet safety tips

“Many websites allow children to download free media. What they may not know is these sites often come with the risk of downloading a virus, allowing identity thieves to access the gaming device, personal computer or even cell phone that’s being used, says the BBB.

Understanding apps and making sure children don’t have any access to credit card or financial information are other important tips.

Parents are also encouraged to use privacy settings, disable location sharing on apps and use parental controls if necessary.

Parents and children should also be mindful of the future when online. The BBB says that what is posted online can last a lifetime.

“Parents can teach children that any information they share online can easily be copied and is almost impossible to take back. Talk to them about who might see a post and how it might be perceived in the future, and show them how anything they do online can positively, or negatively, can impact other people.”

Phishing can also be done through videoconferencing tools, which are often used to teach classes these days. “Zoom bombing” and other forms of criminal cyber activity also remain popular.

Teachers and school administrators are advised to evaluate and update their cybersecurity plans and devices that are connected to the internet.

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